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Protection From Environment

The biggest reason to paint the exterior of your home is to protect it from the elements. Temperature changes, rain and UV rays continually wear down the paint on your home and will eventually result in flaking paint, water damage, and wood rot.

Waiting longer will only make the job more expensive as additional preparation will be needed.

Quality Exterior Paint

Sufficient preparation to the exterior of your home is vital to ensuring a good paint job that will last.

You can trust that Paint Masters will properly inspect your home before painting so that we can advise you of any additional prep that you may need to ensure a quality exterior paint job that will last.

Paint that Lasts Forever

Most sources will say that exterior painting should be done every 5-10 years depending on the type of paint used, the quality of the paint job and the climate.

Using high quality paints combined with sufficient prep and proper application will ensure that your paint job will last a long time.

Increase House Value

We are familiar with HOA regulations and will contact them on your behalf to ensure that your new paint job will adhere to their requirements.

Overall, exterior painting will improve your homes curb appeal, increase the value, and protect it from future costly repairs.

Our Team Can Help You with Everything related to Your Exterior Painting Project.

Exterior Wall Painting
Trim and Siding Painting
Door and Window Frame Painting
Deck and Fence Painting/Staining
Porch and Patio Painting
Garage Door Painting
Exterior Siding Repair and Replacement
Exterior Trim and Siding Restoration
Eco-Friendly Exterior Paint Options
Exterior Trim and Accent Painting
Outdoor Structure Painting (Sheds, Playhouses, etc.)
Power Washing and Surface Cleaning
Stucco and Masonry Painting
Weatherproofing and Sealant Application
Exterior Restoration and Refinishing
Exterior Wood Rot Repair
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Our Other Servcies

We can also help you with…

Interior Painting

Our residential painting services aim to aid homeowners in bringing out the beauty inside thier homes.

Commercial Painting

Our commercial painting services help business owners make a good impression on customers.

Cabinet Painting

Our cabinet painting services can help you update the look of your kitchen or bathroom without the cost of a full renovation.

Exterior Painting

We paint the outside of homes, buildings, fences, and other outdoor surfaces as part of our exterior painting services.

Deck Painting

Elevate your outdoor spaces with our deck painting service, enhancing your home’s charm and comfort.

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